Back from camp!

Im back from camp! I forgot to tell you! I was busy packing, busy busy busy…

I had so much fun! My school went to a old as camp site ‘El Rancho’, but it wasn’t bad. I was just telling you it was old. But anyways I woke up at the exact time, cause i needed to go to school around (9:30AM-9:45AM). So i got droven to McDonalds to have some breakfast and get some sushi for the first day lunch.

Time eventually passed by, and went quite quick for me, but not for some of my friends as they were homesick+crying ah.

I got back home just today, had a shower, and now im about to go to sleep. CYA.



Sowwy for lack of posts, lol.


Yes, second week at school 😦 so exhausting…

I forgot to say merry christmas! i was planning to but was busy haha. Late Merry Christmas!!!

But yes, on boxing day my grandparents (my mums) and my cousin came down for 1 week πŸ˜€ it was fun. Nothing was cheap on boxing day though haha everything was the same 😦

And now here is school,

My year 5 teacher (Mr Mr Mr…. TURNBULL!) has left ;( yes, he was one of my favorite teachers, british accent, tells us funny stories, meh, move on mate.. Now here is muy new teacher (Mrs Mahoney or something :l)


Ill try to keep more posts coming, argh WordPress isn’t even recognizable on my bookmarks, i need to scroll all the way down to see it 😦


mkay bye


Oh hello.

This term it has been EXHAUSTING and there is so many goodbyes 😦
Well, this week i found out my teacher got a job at Tapauni School. Hes not going to be here next year, its far away and its very sad 😦

As soon i knew about it, i was kinda depressed.

He wasn’t any old teacher, he was a real teacher. When somebody was down or feeling very unusual, he would go and talk with them and help life. I find him a very kind teacher, he would bring in baking food and let us have some πŸ™‚
Apart from that, next tuesday im going sailing on a boat, with SCHOOL MATES. Im too excited. and schools neary ending.


*sorry if i havn’t updated often, i just remembered about my blog now lol*


So today at school, year 3-6’s did athletics. The activities were (in order what i did) Shotput, Quoits, Long Jump, Sprints and Vortex [the toy].

I came pretty much nothing, i came 3rd-4th on long jump. 4th on sprints. I still did not get through in Shotput, Quoits and high jump.


So i am listening to MILEY DESTINY CYRUS’s albums. I luv dem c;



Yay c; +sometin

Woohoo! got me phone, now officially a textholic ‘not really yet’. I got le Nokia Lumia 520 thanks to my dad :)))))
Oh yes, i forgot. Our sequel of the first movie we made last term will be finished and up on november 5th. C:

If you havnt seen the first movie:




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