Here i come moaning…


Yo, schools been so tiring because of Cross Country practice like daily… I won’t be doing it cause i’m going on a trip ^_^ YAS! I kinda wished i went but its just a disappointment that it will just lead me not coming 1-10th. You will get NOTHING, not even a number if you don’t get into the top 10’s now.

And also, this student teacher called ‘Hazel Andis’ (i found her facebook lol…). Shes nice and helpful but shes leaving NEXT FRIDAYYYYY! I might just add her when she leaves, she’ll decline it, i know teachers.. Cya Mrs Andis :L

Moving on to my trip! I’m in the ESOL group (English for Speakers of Other Languages), and im going on a trip to find out about the boring construction memorial park. They are making a underpass to build a park ontop, to celebrate 1 THING,  the landing in gallipoli in 1915. It will be the 100th anniversary, i need to wait 100 more years next year then it will be the TWO-HUNDREDTH (200)  ANNIVERSARY. That time i might be dead by then.

Anyways, thats it. MOAN MOAN MOAN, gudbye


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