Recently my laptop got water damaged, so i got a new one 😀 im such a spoiled kid :\

Also, my phone has been a bit weird recently, i cracked my phone. Also, Its lock button wouldn’t work. So i did the LSB (Lick, suck and blow) thing and i kept doing it. Later on when my phone froze i wanted to take out the battery. So i took off the cover and the button was pushed back in and the clicky thing has snapped off.. So the lock button isnt any more use now.

How do i unlock it? I turned on the ‘Hold Camera Button for 2 Seconds to unlock’, and i need it to lock by it self. Right now im saving up for a new phone… 

Should of gotten a expensive one so i could of gotten a 300 dollar one now :\ but now i need to get a phone below the price 300. Waaa, what else the other phones have such low space and bad specs how am i gonna survive with it. I LOVE WINDOWS PHONE THOUGH :C This is the time of the year where all my electronics stop working.. >:|


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