Sowwy for lack of posts, lol.


Yes, second week at school 😦 so exhausting…

I forgot to say merry christmas! i was planning to but was busy haha. Late Merry Christmas!!!

But yes, on boxing day my grandparents (my mums) and my cousin came down for 1 week 😀 it was fun. Nothing was cheap on boxing day though haha everything was the same 😦

And now here is school,

My year 5 teacher (Mr Mr Mr…. TURNBULL!) has left ;( yes, he was one of my favorite teachers, british accent, tells us funny stories, meh, move on mate.. Now here is muy new teacher (Mrs Mahoney or something :l)


Ill try to keep more posts coming, argh WordPress isn’t even recognizable on my bookmarks, i need to scroll all the way down to see it 😦


mkay bye


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